Payroll system for Egyptian labor law.
Syncing all HR transactions with the payroll to fully automate the workflow, preventing manual collecting and reducing time
Sending bulk payslips for all people.
Disciplinary actions system and syncing all actions with the payroll system without human efforts.
Granting private access for the concerned manager to:
· Edit disciplinary actions Life Duration for each action (Ex. After setting X of time, action dynamically will be removed from employee's profile on this time, then will be archived)
· Edit action Deduction Rules for each policy, this rule amounts will reflect automatically in the payroll system (Ex. "1st Time penalty= 1 day deduction"  "2nd Time penalty= 2 days deductions, 3rd= Termination" Etc..
Resignation Flow, built unique functions to automate full resignation flow process.
Granting mutiple access for the concerned departments to confirm that custody received
Dashboard for HR team to verify people's custody status
People's KPIs, and allowing each employee to get private access for his results, and can compare his performance history with current month.
Grossing-Up Calculator for recruiters.



Duration project: 1 days

Client: PHPFluent



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